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Assetto Corsa Competizione is a sports car racing simulator designed by Kunos Simulazioni. It is a licensed simulation of Blancpain GT Series of 2018 and Endurance Cups. The game is set to be a platform for eSports. The developers of this game announced it on 21 February 2018. They also hinted on a Steam Early Access which would be released in summer 2018. The full release is set to be in Q1 2019. Here are some of the notable features of the game.

Realistic Simulation

This game is designed to recreate the performance and driving experience of the actual Blancpain GT Series cars. It utilises an advanced mathematical model which accurately replicates aerodynamic impact, tyre grip, engine parameters, electronics systems and suspensions that influence vehicle balance, as well as the mechanical damage on the drivability of the car.

Gaming Experience

The championship, free play, and career modes provide the player with an outright and customizable gaming experience. The tutorials and the progressive aid levels allow the player to adjust vehicle stability control and AI opponent difficulty to their abilities. Special Events in the game also allow players to gain hands-on experience of the Blancpain GT Series challenges.

Visual effects and Graphics

The Unreal Engine 4 ensures photorealistic rendering coupled with an accurate representation of weather conditions, scenarios, and car materials. This game shows immersive surroundings and convincing environmental effects.

The secondary details are also faithfully reproduced to offer the thrilling feeling of being in a cockpit of an actual racing car. The doors, headlights, windshield wipers, racing equipment, racing lights, and control devices are all put under the driver’s control to assure the highest performance and offer players complete control of the car.

Revolutionary Multiplayer Functionality

This game has an organised ranking system which evaluates individual performance and driving behaviour. This system rewards the most principled drivers and promotes fair play in the online competitions. Its matchmaking functionality ensures that a player can compete with other players of similar skill level. It also enables the player to find online races to participate in.

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