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Borderlands is a first-person shooter video game with some role-playing elements. Gearbox Software designed the game with the first instalment of the series coming out in October 2009. It was developed for Xbox 360, Mac OS, PlayStation 3, Shield Android TV and Microsoft Windows. The global release of its sequel was in 2012.

The Gameplay

The premise is for a player to assume the character of a Vault Hunter and search for a secret vault that holds alien technology. Players role play in a planet called Pandora. During the play, the hunter can take side missions to help build skills. The character development aspect of this game is why Gearbox refers to it as a role-playing shooter. There are four different characters at the start of the game, and a player decides which one to go with, depending on the skills. The missions come from participants who are not players. In the course of the game, players get loot, ranging from guns to shields. This loot is generated randomly to help with their fighting chances.

The release of Borderlands 3

There have been speculations about Borderlands 3 whose release date has not been confirmed yet. The gaming developer has, however, confirmed that development of the Borderlands franchise is in progress. Word from the developer is that the sequel to the wildly popular Borderlands 2 will not be unveiled at E3 2018. Expectations are that the game will come out sometime between 2019 and 2020. The publisher, 2K, was quoted saying that a highly anticipated title will be coming out during the next financial year- 2019.

Hope for Sequel

After Borderlands 2, Gearbox released a pre-sequel in 2015 titled Tales From Borderlands. Since then, talk has been going on of a new Borderlands that is supposedly being developed for next-gen consoles. The name Borderlands 3 is also not yet confirmed. Other information that has been availed so far is that the game will not be on Nintendo Switch.

All Borderlands lovers can do is wait to see what Gearbox and 2K have been working on. Borderlands 3 may be one of the developers’ most ambitious projects yet. Players are hoping to see more characters in Borderlands 3 to match the wide selection for weapons that the previous games already have.

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