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It is finally here! The new series of Car Mechanic Simulators is out and available for downloads. The game was released on 11th August 2021It is a highly realistic game that will raise your adrenaline as you play it. It will engage you fully as it requires you to use your brain and gaming skills. As you begin playing the game, you will start as a car garage owner, but later on, as you skilfully play the game, you will turn your garage into an empire. The developer of the game is Red Dot Games.

More Information on the Game

You will need to get your hands dirty for you to be able to build a service empire from your garage. This game is exciting as it allows working with over 4000 spare parts for over 72 different types of cars. The garage environment of the game looks so realistic that while working on it, it may seem so real for you.

Put on your apron and roll up your sleeves so that you can invest in different work equipment and new workspace. That is the ideal way to expand your garage. You will need to do all that is usually done in a real garage. You will take part in activities such as fixing cars, rebuilding them, repairing, painting and testing them.

What makes the game special is that you can walk in auction shops and purchase cars with various faults. Some of these cars contain hidden gems that you ought to find. Then you make it your job to fix, repair or build them. Once you are done, you will have to confirm if they are working well. Each mission that you encounter will give you a different type of challenge. Once you are satisfied with your workshop, it’s time to get your car. Rebuild it from an old rusty shell to a pristine one.

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