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Carrion is a horror video game that was created by Phobia Game Studio. The game is mainly described as a reverse-horror and lets players take control of tentacle horrors. Thus, if you are a fan of horror films, Carrion gives you the chance to have an exclusive experience of creating your own.


Plying Carrion, players control red, amorphous, tentacled monsters. In the game, they are hinted at as species of Tubifex Worm. The monster is bound to make its way via the facility, and while doing that, it kills soldiers and scientists.

As the game continues, players are given unique abilities such as to dash. You can use this ability to aggressively break through wooden barricades as well as access other inaccessible areas. You can also use that ability to increase in size.


There is a titular creature that is caged in a containment unit in a research facility. Unfortunately, the monster breaks out and moves around the facility in search of an exit. In the process, it kills soldiers, scientists, and destroys a lot of things.

As this happens, the monster discovers its genetic codes that the scientists were using for the research. This allows it to evolve and gain a massive size. This makes it very strong and hard to incapacitate.

The monster also discovers things that help it recall its origin. Some scientists found the Carrion in an idle state of biomass. When it woke up, it killed two of the three scientists and possessed the last one.

The security forces finally arrive to execute the left scientist, thereby forcing out the monster. The monster then goes back to its original containment and takes in the final piece of its stolen genetics. This helps it get back to the form of the scientist it had earlier possessed. The disguised animal then escapes the facility.

Gamers’ Experience

Carrion has not existed in the industry long enough and has already created a buzz. The game gets intense as you play on and gives you a unique experience, thanks to its incredible features. If you have never taken control of a monster, then you need to give Carrion a try.

The Bottom Line

Phobia Game Studio is one of the biggest names in the industry. Thus, you can be sure that Carrion is one of a kind. Control the monster, save the day, and become the hero in a village where help matters more than anything else.

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