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Released for PC on April 23, 2020, Cloudpunk is an adventure focused game, created by Ion Lands and published by Marple Whispering Limited. The Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo switch console releases will take place on October 15, 2020.

The Game

This game brings out an evocative feel of a futuristic city crowded by flying cars. In it, the player gets to immerse themselves in the teaming skyways, delivering packages in a dystopian city and driving a hover car. Basically, the game is set in a future happening, featuring Cyberpank elements and science fiction.

As a player, you will be involved in the role of Rania, who is a newcomer, a refugee from Eastern Peninsula. Rania is a delivery driver for Cloudpunk, a company considered illegal. This game begins as Rania takes off her shift, with the entire plot taking place in one night. You will manoeuvre your hover through Nivalus, which is the Cyberpunk city. The little hover car has excellent weight, momentum and speed as it weaves through traffic and hurdles.

It only gets a notch higher after you earn your wages, where you can then upgrade it with a booster for a surge of speed. Rania is responsible for the collection and delivery of packages and passengers without asking any questions. Players are allowed to park on designated parking spaces and access the city by foot. From the futuristic planet Coruscant in Star Wars, imagined New York or the rain-soaked Los Angeles, there is something deeply unique about this game. The Vivid metropolis bustles with neon signs, gigantic billboards and spotlights that catch the eye.


If you get into the street level with your car, you will notice nightclubs and pedestrians, and in the air are trains moving along the suspended rails and the glow of multiple lighted apartment windows. This game also has an extremely appealing atmosphere combined with echoing voices, traffic buzz and the sound of rattling rain.

These all come together to create a striking aural landscape. This game is mostly about making conversation and exploring. As you make your deliveries across the overly busy city, you will encounter hackers, CEOs, nightclub owners and cops. Along the way, you will notice many vendors, including drug dealers, food stands and merchants. Most collectibles found along the way can be sold to these vendors, and you can use the money whenever you need your HOVA repaired or top up the fuel tank.


Nivalus, the city crowded with endless stories presents many characters. Huxley, for instance, takes into frustrating Rania by narrating his torture. There is also Camus who is Rania’s companion, and is seen to possess an optimistic yet naïve personality. Camus stands out strongly as a stark contrast between Rania and the world.

As the game advances and Control gets to trust Rania, she is given the responsibility of working on more lucrative jobs such as being sent to above the clouds, a place where corporate stooges work and live. While the entire story will keep you hooked to the game, it is the characters who make it even more appealing and special. Most NPCs offer single conversations without actual effects, while others are very well written that the link to the real world does not matter.

Your character name is Rania. This is the first night you will be working for Cloudpunk. From the marrow in the human land to the piers that go above the sky, you will go everywhere to do as directed by the illegal delivery company. Although this is a risky ride, no driver is more competent than a Cloudpunk driver. In this game, you will be exposed to numerous characters, such as unscrupulous humans and androids. With all the characters, each of them has a story to tell.

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