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Destiny 2 Lightfall is a first-person multiplayer shooter video game developed by Bungie. It is set in a mythical science fiction world featuring a multiplayer environment. The game features the elements of player versus environment and player versus player types of games.

The characters in the game are called guardians. So, players earn points (experience points) in the game by improving their characters. Once you have accumulated a pre-determined number of experience points, your character will level up, gain improved statistics, and enhance their combat performance. It is also worth noting that Destiny 2 Lightfall features three character classes. Each class features specific special abilities, perks, and upgrades. Also, players can customize their characters by changing their gender, skin colour, and cosmetics. However, the character’s species or gender does not affect the gameplay. Players can create upto three characters or have a character in each class as they progress in the gameplay.

There are various elements in the game like the ones explained below:

The Legendary Mode

The game is set in a Neptunian city under siege, where players must work with fellow guardians to navigate the approaching end to all things. Players must arm themselves with rewards and unlock dark powers that will help them triumph in the Legendary mode.


This new subclass challenges players to harness darkness and pluck the thread of reality so they can flow through the city with newfound speed. While all classes can tap into this strand, it is upto you to create the perfect build.


Players can travel to Neptune and discover new destinations like the Neon Metropolis. Also, you get to meet the Cloud Striders and join the battle against the Shadow Legion. The game also requires you to discover new ways to prevent devastation in the digitally advanced Neomuna city.

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