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Divinity Original Sin The Source Saga is a sci-fi video game that was developed and published by Larian Studios. After it was released in 2014, the video game got commendations from reviewers, with the majority of them applauding its capability to revamp the RPG genre. Divinity Original Sin The Source Saga allows video gamers to design their own single-player and multiplayer fantasies and publish them online. An updated iteration of this video game was later released in 2015. The updated version included voice acting features among other features.

The Plot of the Game

The personalized warriors of the video game are a pair of “Source Hunters”: members of an entity committed to eliminating a dangerous form of magical power referred to as “Source” as well as its masters, referred to as “Sourcerers”. When in the single-player module, the video gamer controls both of them, whereas when in the multiplayer mode, each video gamer controls one of them. At the beginning of the video game, the Source Hunters get orders to inspect the death of a Town Councilor by a suspicious Sourcerer in Cyseal, a beach town located in the Southern region of Rivellon.

After arriving, they realize that Cyseal was under besiegement by Orcs and later find out that it was organized by a Sourcerer collusion associated with the Immaculates, a cult group located in the Luculla Forest. Besides, they discover evidence incriminating the White Witch, who is considered the guardian of the Lucilla Forest, in the killing. The search directs them to the kingdom of Hibernheim. Here, they discover where she is hidden underneath a block of ice by Conduit, the King of the Immaculates. After being set free, she presents herself by the name Icara and admits being responsible for unwillingly murdering the Councilor.

In the entire video game, the Source Hunters from time to time come across magical stones referred to as “Star Stones” (some of which are changed into “blood crystals” by the Immaculates’ offerings). After discovering the first one, they are relocated to the “Homestead”, a strange castle outside of the normal spacetime that is common to both of them. As they continue to retrieve other Star Crystals, they discover that the Source had previously been kind-hearted magic linked to Astarte, the goddess of life, before being manipulated by the Void, a wicked power from beyond the material universe. h2

The Development of the Game

A crowdfunding initiative was started on Kickstarter on the 27th of March 2013. The developer, Larian utilized the platform to raise more funding to enable them to widen the content of the video game. By 26th April, the Kickstarter had raised about $950,000 and other donations that totaled to more than $1 million of the development budget of €4 million.

Initially, the developer aimed at releasing Windows and OS X iterations of the video game at the same time, and noted that as soon as the OS X iteration was finished, a Linux version would be easy to develop. However, the developer delayed the release of OS X and Linux versions to concentrated on the gameplay. Later, in Dec 2015, the Linux and Mac versions of the game were released.

An updated version of the Divinity Original Sin The Source Saga, which included new content, like a widened storyline as well as new gameplay alternatives, was released for the PlayStation 4 together with the Xbox One consoles in May 2015. The enhanced version of the game was published by Focus Home Interactive. Besides, the updated edition of the game was made available free of charge to all video gamers who had already bought the PC edition of the game.

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