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Doom VFR is a fast paced and brutal shooter developed and published by id Software and Bethesda Softworks. Your character is a cybernetic survivor who has to fight the demon invaders for the company UAC. You have to maintain order on Mars, a world that has been run over by creatures from hell.

The Universe

Video game players will have fond memories of playing the original Doom over twenty years ago. The shooter is extremely brutal, with quick, cat-like reflexes needed in order to survive the waves of demons. This updated version keeps the certain ‘charm’ of the original but brings updated visuals and mechanics to the game.


Virtual ‘ahem’ Reality. This new 21st Century gadget brings a whole new perspective to shooters. If you’ve never played with a VR headset before, get ready to experience the fun and terror with Doom. A demon rushing at you with its arms outstretched will make you jump and scream a whole lot more while in VR.


Experience the nostalgia with Doom combat and all of the iconic weapons from the series.  Physically interact with the environment with VR’s jet strafing and teleportation devices. All new areas on the Mars research facility.


With updated graphics and the use of the VR headset, Doom VFR can bring a whole new generation of gamers to this universe. Doom’s fun, frantic an often cheeky shooter is a game to be played by anyone. The immersive gameplay will make anyone cry out with joy (or fear).