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Dynasty Warriors 9 is a hack and slay upcoming video game developed by Omega Force and was published on 8th February 2018 by Koei Tecmo in Japan for PlayStation 4. This video game will later get released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the Western Markets on 13th February 2018.


The ninth major-series in this franchise is an entirely new turn on the war because you prepare your strategy and fight your battles in an open-world map of China. The extensive territory of China gets presented on one map alongside the introduction of sandbox format for different progression throughout the video game. The “One versus Thousands” exciting action of this series and the treasured characters from the tale of Romance of the Three Kingdoms are inherited, but the freedom in an open world platform provides a new Warriors experience. The players will be able to enter and leave towns and explore the map of the land of China freely with substantial differences in advancement.


A broad representation of China will get implemented, and the player can roam freely on a boat, horseback or foot, but the action will focus on inhabitable environments such as towns and cities and also locations where huge battles occur. The player can attack and penetrate the fortifications of an enemy with the use of a contending hook.
A dynamic weather structure, as well as a day-night cycle, will also feature in the video game. The weather and time will now change in actual time, and the vision of the enemy will get affected if it’s rainy or at night-time. The map will develop with time when the missions of the main story get accomplished. However, these tasks have a high level of difficulty but can get lowered by completing related side assignments.
You can personalise and beautify hideouts using furniture purchased from merchants. Some of the items will have diverse effects; for instance, putting a medal in a house and relating to it will allow you to change the music background. The game will also include collecting resources, fishing to improve weapons, camping, characters as well as other recreational events.