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Extinction is a pc video game that entails protecting cities from ruin. The game is developed by Killer Instinct studio and published by Maximum Games. The game consists of massive ogres and huge armies that one must fight against in defence of the human cities.The game is action-packed with the enemies attacking with full throttle. The player also has a myriad of fantastic moves at their disposal as well as weapons that they can use to their advantage.

Features of the Game

The game features interesting combat aspects such as wall-runs and air attacks. The player has to use skill and weapons at his disposal to out-manoeuvre the enemies. The game requires witty and quick thinking. Hitting the enemies at their weak-points is key to overpowering them. The game has a narrative that involves missions and planning. The player can engage in this plot and plan a mission with a clear path and objective. In the event that the player just wants to engage in combat, they can switch to the wave-based mode that allows them to directly engage the monsters and fight.

Gaming Experience

The game comes with a myriad of plot setting. Each player gets a different landscape and situation to deal with. The player is tasked with the glorious task of fighting to defend humankind and their cities from impending ruin by the monsters. Armed with a sword, the player gets to chop off the heads of 150-foot tall monsters. The monsters are blood-thirsty and they are intent on killing everyone and ruining the cities. The player is also at risk of getting eaten up by the monsters. He must also tread very carefully and be strategic. The player must know when to strike and when to retreat and regroup.

The game is an interesting David and Goliath depiction, the player being Goliath. However, in this case, David has superior weapons and has incredible jumping abilities. The player takes the character of a well-trained mercenary, who will single-handedly handle and defeat the monsters. This game is a perfect adventure for action games enthusiasts. It combines both skill, speed and critical thinking to offer an epic gaming experience.