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About this game
 F1 2017 is a faithful and detailed ode by Codemasters to 2017’s Formula One season that witnessed a major shake-up in auto regulations. That resulted in larger cars with improved aerodynamics and wider tyres. Simply put, the cars are faster despite being heavier than the cars used in F1 2016. This game wonderfully captures all of that additional grip, girth and speed for new F1 2017 cars.

The Cars Stand Out

The game also has a modicum of yesteryear rides, with 11 additional F1 icons. The retro rides range from 1991 McLarens to 2004 Ferraris. These cars certainly feel quite distinct from the more sophisticated automobiles, which makes comparing and contrasting them a fun experience. Not to mention, the cars sound great too. And the cars pretty much cling on to the tarmac a bit more tenaciously compared to their 2016 counterparts.
That said, players should put in an effort to maintain every component of their car’s engine, by finding the right balance between durability and speed. Similar to real F1, you would not just be managing what happens outside your car but also the inside of it.


F1 2017 doesn’t present any fresh tracks. If you have played F1 2016 before, you can guess what the racing tarmac would be like. Four of these tracks have fresh short routes that can be used in time trials and custom GPs. However, their impact on the complete package is not truly seismic. The thing that’s noticeable is that the tracks look more realistic and vibrant than before.

Vibrant Colours

Moreover, the de-saturated hues that become synonymous with Codemasters racing games have been jettisoned for good. The grass looks richer, skies are brilliantly blue, and everything else look as if they have been infused with new life and energy. Overall, the game looks really good, right from Albert Park’s wet asphalt to the skyscrapers’ neon glow.

Miscellaneous Things

Besides the track and colours, other things aren’t that impressive. The engine is capable of tackling carbon fibre, concrete, bitumen and rubber. The major annoyance, however, is that the majority of the podium and paddock vignettes have been recycled from F1 2016 and F1 2015, making them quite stale.