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Farming Simulator 2017 is developed by Giants Software and published by Home Focus Software. This is a Single or Multi-Player Simulation Game based on farming, and is the latest in a long series of Farming Simulator games published by Giants Software, whose work focuses mainly on these games. Each new version of the game brings new crops and machinery, and improved simulations.  Users’ Views. Some veterans of the series say that the new version doesn’t offer many new options but is more user-friendly.

An overview of the game.

The game reflects the life of a modern farmer and their farm. The player makes the choices of a farmer in buying machinery, equipment, tools, seed for crops, and other materials. The player acts as the farmer in choices about the farm, working the land, moving materials by machine and hand, tending the livestock, cutting wood and selling produce and making the books balance. Sales of produce can be used to expand the farm and buy new machinery. It’s a good insight into farming, although on real farms, crops take more than a few days to grow! The scenery, machinery and attention to detail create a lifelike and realistic farm environment, the only thing missing is the smell.


As in real farming, there are expenses to watch, machinery has upkeep costs, and farm workers can be hired to keep the farm operating smoothly. It’s a business, so sales and expenses have to be balanced as well as the daily work of tending the crops and livestock. When anything financial or physical on the farm gets neglected, it can be hard to catch up, managing the farm can be a challenge.


This is a slow-paced creative game, and not ideal for those looking for action and speed. So it’s not to everyone’s taste, but the game is fun for anyone who enjoy simulation games, no matter what their agricultural experience may be. A relaxing and constructive game, which is especially fun for machinery buffs, as there is a range of modern and high-powered machinery available to purchase and simulate operating.