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If you are a lover of online gaming that is set in the deepest parts of an enchanting island, then you will love the greed fall. The game is all about magic, fantasies and hidden treasures. It brings about so much from deception to betrayal to all kinds of emotion you wouldn’t even know if you’re in your house playing anymore. The game was developed by the spiders and published by the Focus Home Interactive. It is set to be released in September.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on it. When you play in this game you have to play neutral between two forces fighting on the island. These forces are fighting to colonize the inhabitants of the island. You can either decide to ally with the native inhabitants of the foreign forces.

Why Greedfall?

One thing I love about this game is its ability for a player to role-play. You get to win by playing in different ways and characters depending on what you want. You can either choose to take up diplomacy, force, deception, allying or betrayal. At the game, you even get to choose the sex you want to play as, the weapons you can use as well as the skills you want to incorporate. Don’t forget the game is all about magic too. In this game as a player, you cast spells on your enemies and others too especially when they get frustrating for you. This is the ultimate aim as a player and you have to know the tricks behind this to do it well.

The Tactics

The kind of tactic you pick will highly determine how the game will flow. Make sure to be very wise while picking out your moves and tactics. Have uncovering the ancient secrets of magic, supernatural as you fight to conquer the island. Don’t forget to check out the game’s features when they are out. They come in personalized just to fit your preference. Have fun while you are at it. It is a fun game especially with all the tricks at your figure tips you will enjoy to the fullest.

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