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Griftlands, a single-player, rogue-lite, deck-building game, was developed and published by Klei Entertainment- a Canadian development studio based in Vancouver. An early access version of the game was released in July 2019 for Epic Games and June 2020 on Steam. Griftlands was first announced in 2017 as an RPG, open-world game, and then veered into the roguelike, deck-building game it is now.


Griftlands is set in the science-fiction world of Havaria, which is home to pirates and other dangerous creatures. You can play as one of three characters. At the current stage of development, however, you can only play as one of two characters. Sal, a freelance swashbuckler, looking to profit and get revenge on a crime lord named Kashio, ruined his life. Or as Rook, an ageing spy who has his plans. The third character, as well as the campaign, are still in development. As each of these characters, you can make essential decisions on the path to follow, such as whose side you are on.

The play is divided between navigating using an overworld map to explore the world and using dialogue trees to hold conversations with the Non-playable characters, obtain quests, and shop. The player character is given two decks of cards at the beginning of the game, which they continue to build on; one is used for battle while the other is used for negotiation. Each of these decks is unique and has different end-goals. You can overcome obstacles either by talking or fighting your way through.

If the player is in a combat situation, they can draw a hand from their deck. Depending on the number of action points you have, you can use offensive, defensive, or both moves. To win a combat round, you must reduce your foe’s health to zero before your health runs out. In a negotiation situation, you must wear down your foe’s resolve to zero before they wear down your own, with neutral, offensive, or defensive cards.

The game restarts if the player dies, and the player will have the option of bringing over a chosen result into the new game.
The decisions you make while playing may have little effect or affect you massively in future play. Each decision matters. A choice that may seem inconsequential may or a plotline that you do not think twice about echoes further down. A foe you spare today could save or help you tomorrow or become an even greater enemy.

The deck

Each of the characters that you get to play has its unique negotiation and combat cards. These decks are kept separate, but either one can be used to overcome any obstacle. You can collect cards with powerful items from the opponents you defeat or as a reward. The uses of the cards are straightforward. Offensive cards can be used for attacks while the defence card to protect yourself from attacks by your opponents.
The Story

Griftlands is a rogue-lite game, and permanent death is to be expected. The game will restart if the player dies, and you will start a new run. The world’s layout is the same for each game, though the missions you go on, events, and other procedurally generated elements will be different. You will get the chance to explore multiple scenarios in each attempted run until you finally beat the game.

Fans of Slay the Spire and other deck-building games will most likely love Griftlands with its dual deckbuilding. The game has a great story besides the deck that will keep the player interested through multiple runs. The players’ interactions and relationships with other characters will create a web of interactions that will keep you on tenterhooks.

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