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Set in the Second World War, Hell Let Loose is a FPS (first person shooter) that includes all the elements you’d expect to see in World War Two. This includes the obvious infantry, artillery and of course tanks.

The Gameplay

Open battles are available for the player to experience with 100 other gamers. Hell Let Loose was developed by Black Matter and published by Team17. Vehicles such as the hulking tanks can be controlled by the player. This is a multiplayer video game. The 100 players are going to be split up into two sections of fifty gamers against each other. Two sides in one war. Resources are acquired when you achieve victories against the opposing team. The player can choose from a total of 14 roles in the military and each will come with different equipment.


Hell Let Loose is Early Access on Steam for PC and Mac players. Early Access means that the game is not necessarily complete and it gives a chance for the developers to tweak any changes before it is officially released. The game is available to purchase but will still continue to possibly be changed and updated.


Details are a big feature in this video game, relying on satellite and reconnaissance in order to recreate real images. Hell Let Loose is described as realistic and tries to capture the fear and adrenalin experienced in world war two. It is not appropriate for younger audiences, but can be enjoyed for slightly older gamers who want to experience the second world war.

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