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About Iconoclasts Nintendo Switch

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Iconoclasts is a 2D platform adventure game that developer Joakim Sandberg has been hard at work on for seven years, which is now published by Bitfrost Entertainment.


Iconoclasts is best described as a hybrid of puzzle, platformer, and run and gun games. It features a deep narrative story juxtaposed with a cute art style. This clash of dark themes and light visuals typifies the unsettled nature of the gameplay. One minute you’re figuring out a platform puzzle, the next you’re in a combat scenario. This constant shift keep the game exciting and fresh.


Picture a world in which everything is run by a sinister organisation. The jobs that individuals are allowed to are dictated by such a group and anyone who deviates from this is labelled as an iconoclast – someone causing trouble of a religious nature. The punishment in this world, the setting of the platform adventure game, is to face Penance. In simple terms, this is being locked within your home whilst it is torn apart.You play as Robin, a wannabe mechanic who has deviated froher assigned employment to mend machinery around her hometown. The ruling organisation, One Concern, catches wind of this and thus begins the dark and tragic storytelling.


The characters you meet along the journey, the bosses you will face, and the world you explore are elements that will stay with the player long after they have put the game down. It is an emotional rollercoaster that draws you in with its compelling storytelling and world building.