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About this game

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an action-packed adventure video game from the French Gaming Company Ubisoft. The game is written by Jeffrey Yohalem and developed by Ubisoft Quebec. Set for a single player in a third-person perspective, the video game gives room for customisation. The player can choose their gender, voice and appearance.


The game is set in a virtual world which is divided into 7 regions. These regions base their existence on Greek gods representing social orders. The gamer assumes the role of Fenyx, an adventurer. He can fly thanks to wings from Daedalus (an ancient Greek craftsman). The ease in movement pushes Fenyx to conquer the world and discover new places.

Phosphor, a bird and navigator, helps Fenyx identify each of the regions and their physical features. The area is vast at the beginning, but as the game progresses, the gamer must use Phosphor to narrow down to specific places. As Fenyx explores the world, he encounters challenges that drive him to the Tartaros Vaults. Here, he must use his combative and navigation skills to survive.

Besides the quest to survive, there are some mini objectives along the way Fenyx has to accomplish. They not only add him the strength to go through the tribulations but also open up his mind to tasks that follow. The tussle features the gods and monsters, and just like the mythical Phoenix, the primary idea is Fenyx’s victory and prosperity.

The Story Line

Fenyx, a Greek soldier, is stranded after an accident on the Golden Isle. Their primary mission is to rescue the Greek gods from Typhon. Typhon is out for revenge after being banished from the earth to Tartaros by Zeus, a Greek god. During the combat, Prometheus sets the war pace as he aids Fenyx in his quest for justice.

The Golden Isle world has enemies from all corners. These enemies resemble 2 ancient Greek creatures, mostly half-man, half animals. Each creature tries to lower down Fenyx’s movements. In his defence, he can choose between weak but fast, or strong but slow. Weak but fast involves sword while strong but slow picks a hammer. He can also use bows and arrows as they cover distance while still in motion.

How Fenyx responds to these insurgence determines how long he will last in his escapades. Therefore it is the gamer’s duty to control his tempo and stamina. For more sustaining combat, ensure he attacks systematically to avoid him burning out. However, if the gamer utilises all the available resources, they can unlock powerful godly abilities. A good example is Ares, the Greek God of Courage, whose inspiration and determination aids in winning wars.

The bottom line is the gamer taking on the role of Fenyx and saving the world. He has to defeat beasts on the way, use legendary powers gained from Greek gods and defeat Typhon – the scariest titan in Greek mythology. The legendary powers allow Fenyx to confront any enemy on the way and succeed in any challenge.


  • Fenyx – a winged demigod who is out to save the world from a dark era. He is responsible for world peace and order by defeating Typhon.
  • Gods – superhuman creatures that ancient Greek mythology credit for all social and political occurrences. They have supernatural powers, which they give Fenyx in his quest to save the world.
  • Typhon – the antagonist who has taken over the world and want to destroy everything in it. Owing to his strong personality, he does what he wants, which destabilises world peace.
  • Phosphor – a companion bird that shows Fenyx the important regions within the 7 imaginary regions in the game.