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Supposing you were to take all fun and visual novelties of the Nintendo classic Super Mario 64, and somehow crossbreed it with the PC classic Duke Nukem,and then fast forward
to the present with contemporary graphics and hardware capabilities, you would probably come up with a product that looks something like this anticipated fresh new adventure style platformer/first person Shooter Journey to the Savage Planet is the newest Indie game to come from Typhoon Studios. The creative director, who in the past provided us the memorable Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s creed 3 adventures, has taken a departure from the serious tone of the former mentioned titles to offer a 3d shooter that has the word fun written all over it. After the first few moments watching gameplay, Journey to the Savage Planet’s bright and vibrant visuals immediately draw upon that familiar Nintendo feel, but with the added advantage of being a gun toting space explorer with a world to explore.


Happily, the storyline thus far from what we know, is simple. Generally the best things in life are the simple things. You have been commissioned by your superiors at an aerospace exploration company known as Kindred Aerospace, to explore a strange new planet, catalogue its flora and fauna and assess whether or not the planet is suitable for colonization. Kindred Aerospace, conveniently for our the storyline, are completely incompetent and have sent you to carry out your task with very little in terms of gear and preparatory resources. Upon arriving on the planet, a huge mysterious edifice of some sort peaks our hero’s interest, and thus we set off to jump, slide, shoot, scan and solve our way through the Savage Planet world.


From the lush verdure to the mountains and hills, the visuals in Savage Planet are immediately appealing. The world is filled with interesting creatures and critters ranging from cute and cuddly to weird and dangerous. The feel is something like the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars, filled with all sorts of alien life forms that will have you likely wanting to get up close and personal just to take a better look. There’s an adorable, sphere-like chicken creature with massive eyeballs that we get to see in the early gameplay footage that immediately inspires laughter. A host of bizarre enemies such as flying spinning octopus like creatures, giant multi-eyed crab bruisers as well as less seemingly harmful, scurrying biped creatures, will be encountered on this planet, each with a certain comedic element worked into the design.

The flowers and plants range from small, to big, to huge, with some having interactive options like allowing your to make use of a futuristic grappling gun. There is definitely a recurring style of biological life that is slimy, bubbly, mucousy or gooey in some way, which makes interactions interesting, Such as when we see the hero jab a finger into the wet eyeball of a sentry-like plant of some sort. Between the creatures that populate the world and the bright and tangible environments, the visual appeal of Journey to the Savage Planet is on point


From what we can see so far, the gameplay carries itself as an open world concept platformer. The character touts a jet-pack, an upgradeable laser pistol, grappling gun as mentioned before, and bunch of organic, biological hand held gadgets that serve as types of grenades or even navigation aids. There is a kick attack that apparently can be used for nothing short of pure entertainment, as you practice field goal punting on Savage Planet wildlife. But of course you wouldn’t do that would you?.

Last thoughts

Judging what we can from the gameplay we’ve seen, Journey to the Savage Planet looks a game designed around a core concept of fun first. An Action/Adventure shooter in a well animated and eye-catching world with interesting, uniquely designed creatures, plants and biological equipment. The addition of Co-op mode is well suited to a game like this, and hopefully that translates into more replay value. Apparently the game is approximately a 10 hour or so ordeal, which is the happy medium between the long grind, and the super short flash in the pan. Scheduled for release in early 2020, it won’t be too long before we’ll be able to take a shot at some outer space alien shoot-em up fun.

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