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About this game

Just Dance 2017 is developed and published by UbiSoft. A popular single or multiplayer interactive dance action game suitable for families, friends, and online competitors. The game caters for all levels, from beginners to skilled dancers. Featuring hundreds of songs to dance to, from oldies to very recent, Just Dance 2017 is an updated version of a series of Just Dance games. Just Dance is played by over a hundred million players worldwide.

The Game

The aim of the game is to mimic an on-screen dancer, and the more accurate your moves, the better your score. The game offers a range of modes to suit mood, theme and ability, Community Remix is a mode where players vote in a new song every few months and are challenged to be the best dance performer of that song. The World Dance Floor mode is a popular feature, offering the opportunity to compete online against other dancers from around the world. Challenger Mode is where online players send each other scores to beat. Sweat Mode allows you to dance hard to your favourite songs as a keep fit exercise. Playlist mode allows you to make a playlist to follow for a dance workout. Workout times and calories burned can be tracked. The game also offers a karaoke mode for a change and a break when you get tired of dancing.


Critics say that there is a lot of pressure to be linked to online services for the game, and to buy add-ons and song packages, for example Just Dance Unlimited, which contains the songs from all previous versions of Just Dance. This pressure can be of particular concern for parents of children who play the game, which is rated with a PEGI (Pan European Game Information) rating of age 3 upwards despite moderate suggestiveness and language in some songs which leads some gaming communities to say it is more suitable for children aged 8 upwards.


A fun, healthy, energetic and sociable game, suitable for most ages and abilities. An ideal weekend or party game.