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Just Rhythms & Patterns presents an electrifying co-op symphony of chaos, blending bullet-hell intensity with infectious beats and a dash of mayhem. Navigate through a world where survival hinges on dodging abstract Shapes, grooving to the pulse of kick-ass Beats, and embracing the inevitable – death, over and over again. This game is a genre-defying spin on the SHMUP experience, injecting a cooperative essence that elevates the thrill, because, let’s face it, everything’s better with friends.

Musical Odyssey Awaits

Indulge your auditory senses with 48 meticulously crafted stages featuring tracks licensed from over 20 chiptune and EDM maestros. Brace yourselves for an assault on your eardrums and eyeballs that hits with the force of a ton of bricks – an audio-visual BAM that transcends gaming norms.

Squad Up or Go Solo

Gather your crew for an epic 4-player co-op adventure, seamlessly diving in and out of the action. Whether it’s an intimate couch gathering or an online fiesta, the choice is yours. Not feeling the camaraderie? Fear not! Dive into quick online challenge runs and forge new connections; after all, strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.

Lone Wolf? No Problem.

For the solitary warriors out there, burdened by the weight of carrying others or simply preferring the solo vibe, this game caters to all. Revel in the unique experience designed for those who prefer the company of themselves, judgment-free.

Diverse Game Experiences

Embark on your journey with Story Mode, easing into intermediate-ish tracks with optional Casual mode. Challenge Runs await those ready to showcase their prowess, navigating randomly selected tracks to prove their skills. Need to hone your abilities? Enter the Playlist, a training ground where you can rip off your sleeves and perfect those challenging tracks.

Soundtrack for Your Bash

Turn your gathering into the ultimate party with the game’s Party Mode, setting the stage for a musical extravaganza. Let the beats reverberate through your social gatherings, and for the enthusiasts, invite them to play party stages alongside the music. We’ve thought of everything to make your party legendary.

So, brace yourself for the most epic party of your life, courtesy of Just Rhythms & Patterns. You’re welcome.

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