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Kena bridge of spirits is an action-packed adventure game developed and published by Ember lab. The game brings together the exciting aspects of exploration and fast-moving combat. The game also features puzzling mysteries you need to solve as you progress further in the game. Together with some beautiful graphics of modern animation, this is a game to look forward to. The environment is beautifully structured, enabling one to manipulate it to their advantage during combat.

In the game, you are supposed to fight wondering spirits, uncover forgotten secrets, and unlock the different skills that will help you search and restore a sacred forgotten mountain shrine in an abandoned village.

Get To Explore the World and Environment

The open-world aspect of the game enables you to explore the environment from a third-person perspective. The environment and open world are very helpful, especially during combat, where you can use them to your advantage. You also get to interact with other characters in the game, like the tiny companion Rot, a good spirit that helps you in your quest.


In Kena bridge of spirits, you get to play as Kena and explore the magical world in a third-person perspective, in a quest to find the forgotten mountain shrine. Along the way, she comes across a forgotten village and struggles to uncover its secrets. Here, she finds out there was a puzzling curse that corrupted the spirits. She has to combat the evil spirits first before liberating them from the physical world, where they are stuck, and get them into the spirit world.

Features of the game

Open world. The open-world allows you to explore the different beautiful areas in the game and even engage other characters for exciting side missions.

Interesting fast-paced combat. With the corrupt spirits challenging Kena at every turn, the fast-paced combat mechanics enables her to combat them in an interesting way dodging their attacks and fighting.

Unlock and improve skills. As you progress through the story, you can unlock and upgrade your character to increase Kena’s strength and abilities that help you face more powerful spirits.

For players who like story-driven adventurous, and fast action games, this is one they would enjoy with various mysterious puzzles and enemies as you progress.