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Liberated represents an action game developed by the Polish studio and published by walkabout games. The game has an action-based environment where the player achieves the feeling of being in a graphic atmosphere. If you enjoy comics, this game will grant you the opportunity to jump into a comic book and play your way within it.

The player enters into a shiny environment to resemble a printing paper and finds himself in a dark and rainy city where he controls the characters. The player gets to unravel a story where the dystopian near-future takes control. The pop culture gets manifested by the pop music played in the background as you play.

You find your way through jumping, solving puzzles, sneaking, shooting, and killing as you go. The graphics in the game allow you to play a novel as you liberate yourself by killing and avoid being killed.
The light and shadow interplays as you play yourself out, leaving you enjoying the game all through.

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