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Little Nightmares is a psychological puzzle platform video game that has been created by Tarsier Studios. Players take on the role of a six-year-old child called Maw who is trapped in an underwater resort. The resort is inhabited by a collection of mysterious monsters and Maw has to find ways to get past the monsters and ultimately escape from the watery prison.

Uncovering the Mystery

In order to help Maw escape, players have to explore the various rooms of the resort and solve a series of puzzles. As players progress, parts of the story are gradually revealed and it is up to gamers to work out how the pieces fit together so that a deeper and rather intricate story is formed. The game’s sharp and very detailed graphics help to draw gamers into the game straight away and each room of the mansion features a different theme with fresh puzzles to solve.

Don’t Get Lost in the Dark

The game has a very eerie feel that is sure to keep most players on the edge of their seat. There are new challenges and monsters to face around almost every corner and there are even some truly horrific moments such as finding a corpse swinging from a noose. The sound effects add an extra eerie dimension to the game complete with creaking floorboards and echoing footsteps that indicate that a new threat is on its way, although in many cases the threats are psychological rather than physical.

Will You Make it Out Alive?

The balance between puzzle solving and action has been well thought out and there are plenty of adrenaline pumping moments where gamers need to steer Maw away from the Janitor with his long arms that snake their way around corners. A little light relief is provided at times to help players take a breath, while the introspective narrative helps to keep players on the right track and make sure that they do not miss some of the most important clues as they search for keys to looked doors and other items that will help them escape to freedom.