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 Monopoly Plus by Ubisoft Entertainment is Monopoly for the 21st century. The much-loved game and it’s famous 2D playing board have now been evolved into a fabulously interactive 3D Lilliputian city. As you play, the world around you comes to life and takes you to a new level of Monopoly never experienced before. As players progress through the game and build their empires, the board lives and grows into miniature neighbourhoods each with their own identities and attributes. Half a dozen house rules are available for selection so you adapt the game to suit your playing style. The animations are great, the sidekicks are comedic and throughout the game photo snapshots can be taken of your achievements at key moments leading to an all-round gaming experience. Monopoly is a game that’s been loved throughout the generations, and this version by Ubisoft will certainly appeal to a whole new world of younger fans – Do not pass Go or collect £200 without adding this game to your gaming collection!

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