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MotoGP 17 is a motorbike racing game playable on a pc, PlayStation or Xbox. The game is a depiction of the real-life MotoGP racing series. The game is an online multiplayer game. One can also race against developed characters within the game. The game is developed and published by Milestone S.r.l.

MotoGP Events

MotoGP events are one of those events that send adrenaline rush across the body of any enthusiast. The blistering speeds are spectacular to watch and the manoeuvres are the sight to behold. Milestone S.r.l. releases a video game series trying to depict something similar to the MotoGP events. MotoGP 17 is their latest release of the series.

Riders on MotoGP 17

MotoGP 17 brings on board all the riders, tracks and teams of the real events of 2017. It also encompasses the new rules the racing events.The game designed to provide the same adrenaline rush experienced while watching the real events to gaming fanatics. This latest version of the game is poised to reach 60FPS for the first time hence optimizing performance and excitement for the player.

MotoGP 17 Single Player

MotoGP 17 allows the player to engage as a single rider. The player registers as a rookie rider and advances across the levels to become a championship rider. The game also allows the player to race as part of a team as well as the leader of that team. The player can The player can take part in other activities that take place in between a Grand Prix like choosing and modifying a bike as well as choosing a sponsor.