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Naraka bladepoint is a 60-player fantasy action game that offers players incredible mobility powered by parkour and grappling hook-powered movement. It was developed by a Chinese developer called 24 Entertainment.

Game Highlights

Bladepoint has a collection of range weapons and an arsenal of milee. Different characters with powerful abilities can transform themselves into a collosal Vajra Warrior and decimate their enemies using immense force if the player is skilled enough to master the combinations.

Characters, Skills, and Abilities in Naraka: Bladepoint

In Naraka: Bladepoint, there is someone for everyone. Different characters have different abilities and special fighting combos. They include:

1. Matari

Meet Matari, a graceful assassin who nurtured her skills in windy deserts. The tricky part about playing with Matari is that her mobility might be challenging to handle for new players.

Matari’s special skills

Her signature move is using Silent Flutter, which allows her to teleport in a set direction or specific range. She also had unseen wings, which enables her to go into stealth mode for up to 25 seconds and decreases Silent Flutter2s cooldown.

2. Tarka Ji

Tarka Ji has and lives by the mantra “Live fast, drink well, and be merry.” With sheer bravery and resilience, he never backs out of a fight, despite the opponent. He pairs his drive with his love for alcohol, enjoying a glass or two from time to time.

Tarka Ji special skills

Tarka Ji will enter a defensive state that lasts three seconds, blocking strike attacks after successfully using this spell in combat. For a good player, you could perform a powerful counterattack if you left-click after a successful block.

Naraka: Bladepoint is a revolutionary multiplayer game that can host up to 60 players in the same game room, offering different awesome characters with different abilities and combo strikes, making the game very fun to play.

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