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NBA 2k18 is a video game that involves the simulation of a real life like basketball game. Visual Concepts developed the NBA 2k 18 video game. It is, however, important to note, the NBA 2k18 game is a successor to the previous NBA 2k17 and the 19th installment in the NBA 2k contract.
The NBA 2k18 like all the other NBA 2k games is a replica of the National Basketball Association games. Players play a simulation of NBA games with real-life teams and players. The game even follows the specific objectives and guidelines of a real-life NBA game. Being an upgrade of the NBA 2k17, this game has several features that keep players glued to their screens enjoy the game.

Features of the NBA 2k18

The first thing any NBA 2k18 player sees before initiating the game is the unique feature cover photos of famous basketball stars like Kyrie Irving, the cover athlete for the regular game, Shaquille O’Neal and DeMar DeRozan.  The music playlist of the NBA 2k18 also features 48 stacked songs. This is an improvement from the NBA 2k17. The soundtrack on the NBA 2k18 features several genres. There is also a new game plan for the NBA 2k18 known as the MyGM. The MyGM feature on the NBA 2k18, allows the player to experience a narrative driven story version of the game.  The MyGM feature further allows the player access control and various team-building aspects. The game also has improved graphics that make the game distinct from other NBA 2k older versions. Other distinctive features of the game include the Super Max contracts, trading rights, roster minimums among others amazing features players get to experience.

When it comes to game analysis, the NBA 2k18 has an analytical tool that allows players to plot two vitals or metrics against each other. Players also get to experience other improvements to the NBA 2k game like an increase of up to 30 players in every league, team relocations, real player creation and an addition of MyCareer. The new features and additions to the NBA 2k18 are a significant advancement to the previous NBA 2k games.