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When basketball players get into the zone, many players say that it feels like time moves so slow. They can see things and details before they even take place, they can see each little detail of their opponent, and the rim tends to appear larger and more inviting. NBA 2K22 has not been the best in getting players to the zone; but this year, it has enhanced its gameplay experience and scope of content much better than it has ever previously achieved. From stamina impacts to crucial changes to a city that is filled with plenty of ways to enhance your character, NBA 2K22 certainly feels sleek as compared to NBA 2K21.

Changes to NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 has made significant tweaks to the on-court experience to make it more realistic. Most noticeably, is how stamina loss is handled when a player is dribbling. In NBA 2K21, it was quite simple to run at a defender along the perimeter, perform a Curry slide, and sink a three without much effort. This technique was undefendable when playing against the CPU, more so in MyTeam when player cards were ridiculously overpowered.

Fortunately, with NBA 2K22, players can still apply those techniques but the player will experience a significant stamina loss from dribbling and sprinting to balance out the effectiveness. As the player gets tired, their shot meter begins to shrink which makes it harder to hit shots. This may seem slow as compared to NBA 2K21 but if you play with more control and not just holding the sprint button, you can have an easier time hitting shots into the bucket because the player will have a larger shot meter. It may seem very different at first, but it is the closest it has ever been to real life.

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