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Over the past 30 years, visual concepts have been the source of force in the video gaming industry and are in charge of the success of the NBA 2K license. Recently, they released a new video game, NBA 2K23, available on all platforms including PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox series s and x.

Preview of NBA2K23.

With all repetition of NBA2K license comes responses of unclear features in the gameplay that aim in shaking up the series. Through a more focused series, some new changes were made like the addition of extra features like released player heights and AL changes fixated on decision makings and gameplans. This game has varieties of exciting changes made to the gameplay, but what has interested most players is the new jump shot signature feature. Over the past years, scouts have been attracted by players who are capable of taking their shots with as much perfection as possible. Learning from players like Steph Curry and Luka Doncic, release height, shot speed, impact on timing, and defensive immunity are all new features that have been added to the jump shot signature. This new feature means that not every animated player has the same value in that some may suit certain playing styles more perfectly than others.
Another change made by visual concepts was the Al overhaul. They are obstinate that the line between CPU and human players will be blurred than expected. The Al can now change the gameplay based on what’s working and what is not.

Final thoughts.

NBA2K23 has reached the video game industry market by storm attracting players worldwide. The game is fun to play and very interesting.

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