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NBA Live 17 (18) is the latest in EA’s basketball franchise series which packs even more features into it than ever before, sure to satisfy any demanding fan of the sport.  When a match is played the game play happens on court in real time 3d as the player controls his team or he can take control of just one character in The One mode.
The game features several modes that extend the playability for the player including the newest mode called The One. This mode allows the player to create a character and follow that characters career through the different leagues. To make the One mode even more appealing this is the opportunity to add the players own face to his character using a third party app.

She Scores!

Franchise mode allows the player to manage, coach and guide a team to the top of the league giving them control of all the major decisions on their way to glory. Ultimate Team mode gives the player the chance to build a dream team that can then go on to collect rewards, new players and stadiums to play in as well as in-game coins and points for use in other modes. Another welcome new addition in the game are the teams from the WNBA, including all the women players from these teams faithfully modelled in 3d. NBA Live 17 (18) with its high quality 3d, fluid game-play, selection of challenging modes and multiplayer support is a complete game package that should satisfy any keen video game player or basketball fan.