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It appeared to be another average day in Shibuya—but not for Rindo. Something about the town felt different to him. He quickly finds himself in the preternatural frontline of a psychic conflict raging in the Chaotic Crossing. Before he can gather his breath, a female with an awful aura emerges in front of him and invites him to the “Dropships’ Game.”

Rindo and his companion Fret play along with some apprehension, assuring themselves that a “Game” could not possibly have significant effects. Nevertheless, it is not long before they begin to have second thoughts. Ringo’s intuition was correct: something about this Shibuya seems off.

Rindo, one of the latest Players in the Dropships’ Game, is a high school student who searches for information on his smartphone like it is second nature. He tends to go with the flow, and while he does not go out of his way to talk with people, he will not turn them away if they come to him first. He was thrust into the Game without his knowledge and is now the de facto commander of the Terrible Tornadoes.

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