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NHL 23 is an ice hockey simulation video game developed and published by EA Vancouver and EA Sports, respectively. The game includes male and female hockey players and national teams. The national team plays in the game have base and master items as part of various in-game plays.

Interesting features in the game include:

• The game features “The Zegras.” This is a variant of the lacrosse-style goal performed by the famous Trevor Zegras and Sonny Milano. In this variant, a player hits up the puck from behind the net, and another hits it into the net from the front.
• The game also features the “Last Chance Puck Movement.” This is a move where the player hits the puck with their stick even after getting tripped or hit.
• Another feature is the first-person mode and the same-gen crossplay.

The game features various tiers of rewards based on the wins and win streaks. It is a fantastic game for ice hockey fans.

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