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NieR Automata by Square Enix tells the story of the world over run by machines from another world turning it into a chaotic dystopia. Driven from earth, the remaining human resistance put all their efforts and hopes into creating a fighting force of androids to reclaim our planet for the human good. In the game you will be heading up a troop of 3 androids named 2B, 9S and A2 in their battles against the machines. Level by level you will obtain more and more advanced weaponry and better refined combat skills to help you in your goal to rid the planet of the machine based enemy. As with all good stories NieR Automata has a twist and as you progress you will slowly unravel truths about the earth’s murky and distant history.

Game Styles & Features

This aesthetically designed game is creates a stunningly beautiful landscapes where the action takes place The vistas are stitched seamlessly with no screen loading and flow together at an impressive 60fps for stunning visuals. There are also plenty of subplots on screen as well as the main area where the melee takes place. The game is very intuitive making it accessible for even the most novice beginner. Indeed there is an ‘Auto Mode’ feature for those unaccustomed to this type of combat play to get to grips with the rudiments of attack and evasion. Controls are incredibly tight and superbly fluid making it simple to pick up yet offering a whole load of options to the more advanced player. Truly a game to immerse the senses- true escapism.