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NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is an upgraded sort of NieR RepliCant that was formerly broadcasted during the Nier tenth bicentennial together with NieR Reincarnation. The game was developed by Toylogic and published by Square Enix. This game marks the initial international release of RepliCant, which was limited to the Japanese PS3 game version. The notion of art for this game was perfected by Kazuma Koda who also organized graphics for Butai YorHa.

Developer Clarification

The series producer named Yousuke Saito spells out in the most basic outline that this game is all about. It was made clear that the game is an upgraded version and that’s why its new title is made to make merry the series’ of the tenth centennial.

Rendering to the producer’s remarks, he claims not to have a clue as to why they selected the subtitle. The fetters surrounding Grimoire Weiss in the emblem signifies the blasphemies inside the Nier cosmos.

The developer Toylogic was loomed by Saito’s involvement in Dragon Quest X game and Dragon Quest Xi game versions. Numerous inventors of those lineups once worked on RepliCant so the producer saw it necessary to join them to its game version. It was made in such a manner to plea more to his fan.

Koda’s perfected artwork was applied in a focal entry in the series as his aforementioned familiarity was for profile-raising media. The artist did his best to reserve the innovative title’s humour and tenors while apprising them to shadow modern concords.


Many changes were made by Saito to make the game clear and full of fun. Whole enunciated dialogue. Rerecording the aforementioned dialogue permitted voice thespians to have extra tone in their provisions. Grimoire Weiss is re-formed to Hiroki Yasumoto and the articulated characters for Yui Ishikawa plus 9S have been coded to act in this game.

Broad rescheduled dialogue by Keiichi Okabe and other first-hand songs will be incorporated. Recurring songs have opuses that vary from erstwhile provisions set up in scrapbooks and recital performance. Expanses already acquainted by players devise greater sagacity of scope and probe. Deterrent tiers have also been lengthened.

What this game is all about

In this game, there is a protagonist who is a young man incarnating in a secluded village. He promises to save the life of her sister Yonah who fell critically unfriendly to the Black Scraw. To fulfil the promise, he sets off with Grimoire Weiss, an outlandish schmooze tome, to quest for the Impenetrable doggerels.

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