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No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure space sim, developed and published by Hello Games. In this game you are a pilot, crash landed on a strange and unknown planet. To survive you have to gather materials in order to fix your ship, then set out into the universe to find your purpose.


There isn’t a grand story to follow in No Man’s Sky. It is driven primarily on the exploration of the universe, your story is what you make it to be. With recent updates, they have added certain story elements and quests. However, if you are a gamer who lives for a deep, meaningful storyline; this might not be the game for you.


No Man’s Sky works by exploring planets, gathering materials and supplies to upgrade your space suit and ship. That is the task you will spend the majority of the game doing. There are 4 major mechanics to this game; exploration, survival, combat and trading. You can trade on space stations.


Hello Games have created a procedurally generating universe with millions of planets, fauna and animals to explore. Each planet is unique and ready for you to explore.
There are 3 kinds of species in the universe, with different mannerisms, trading skills and quests available.


Hello Games kindly update the game quite often, adding extra abilities and mechanics to the game. You can build bases on planets now, a great concept to make a place home. Combat has been improved and overall trading mechanics have been improved. This game can continue to improve and brighten player’s lives.