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Orcs must die 3 can be classified as a real-time strategy, adventure, or shooter video game. The game is developed and published by Robot entertainment.

More about the game

The game can be played as a single-player game or it can also be played by online 2 player cooperation with your fellow gamer. It is part of the orcs must die series and is an immediate successor to orcs must die 2. The game comes in 19 languages including English, Italian, French, Spanish, Danish among others.

The game provides you with numerous arsenals to assist you in your mission. This includes traps and weapons that you can use to slice, burn, toss and zap the large army of orcs that you are supposed to conquer. The armies of orcs in this game are the largest in the whole series. However, that is nothing to worry about since you are also provided with numerous and massive weapons such as mountable war machines that have massive firepower that can totally destroy the intruders.

What to enjoy about the game?

Orcs must die 3 combined all that the fans loved about this series and put it all together to ensure you have the most fun while playing it. It has more of everything that you have enjoyed in the series such as more weapons, orcs, traps, upgrades, and better-looking graphics.

The game’s story occurs more than two decades after the orcs must die 2. Your mission is to fight armies of orcs that are in the battlefields surrounding the castles before they come through the walls and destroy your rift. The missions never stop even after the game is over. There are weekly challenges available to see how long you can survive winning.

This game entails numerous changes and additions to the award-winning orcs must die series and you should definitely check it out

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