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Developed by Lightbulb Crew and published byFocus Home Interactive, Othercide is a horror-themed strategy game. It involves the intertwining of game mechanics to deliver a dark, challenging and twisted experience. As a player with limited resources, you get into a brutal world with terrifying creatures, where you then have to endure the brutal conditions.

You will be in a position to interrupt attacks from the enemy and respond to threats using your unique set of skills and the initiative sequence system. Your role will involve intense suffering in the ruthless and scary universe. You will have limited resources, face deadly missions and possible permanent death, meaning you will not have any room for errors. Face your enemies by collecting their memories and unlocking new skills. Be careful with the bonuses you choose because, once you have implemented them, you cannot take them back. Well, that is unless you do not have a problem sacrificing your daughter. The traumatic experiences that your daughter get will make or destroy your choices.

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