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The outward definitive edition is an action role-playing video game that was developed by Nine Dots Studio and was published by Prime Matter.

No remarkable journey is usually achieved without putting in a great effort. The cold nights or having an infected wound can be dangerous, just like a predator loitering in the dark in Outward. During the game, explore Co-op or solo in the extensive world of Aurai.

The Definitive Editions have both quality life improvements and DLCs unique mechanics characteristics. In addition, you can find weapons and Dungeons, which help you explore the world. Therefore, Outward provides a captivating Role-playing video game experience and survival gameplay offering an incredibly-rewarding challenge for the gamers who end up being the most avid.

Your Everyday Traveler

As just an ordinary adventurer, you have to hide or be able to defend yourself against all the threatening creatures. You have to be brave enough to face the hazardous conditions of the environment, protect yourself against infectious diseases, stay hydrated and ensure that you get enough sleep. Wake up to embark on the dangerous journey across the untamed lands to reach new cities. Undertake diverse missions and also discover the hidden lock-ups crawling with daunting enemies.

Deal with the Challenge Solo or Co-op

To survive in the Aurai world, you have to be prepared, clever and cunning. Come up with varying strategies to defeat your enemies, sharing the expeditions with your friend online or locally.

Rebuilding Sirocco

In Aurai, you can make your own landmark by aiding people to survive in this cruel world! The new city building mechanic allows you to be part of rebuilding a new Sirocco from being a Refugee Camp.

The Enchantment System

The enchantment system helps you enhance your weapons, armors and trinkets to help you shield up and get stronger. You can find your proper enchantment from more than 85 recipes from weather resistance, increasing damage, elemental damage, and more.

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