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Overwatch is an online multiplayer competitive team based first person shooter, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. Choose from over 25 heroes each with their own unique abilities and play in a team of six against six other players. Each hero fits into one of four roles: offensive, defensive, tank and support and the role that you pick will affect your style of play in the match. There are certain objectives that have to be completed in a match in order for either team to win a game, be it capturing and holding points on the map or pushing/defending a payload.

Competitive Action

The games main focus is on the competitive ranked mode. This features a six on six game where there can be only one of each specific hero on either team, with a variety of maps to play on. There is an intricate ranking system, whereby after completing ten placement matches you are placed in a division based on your performance. There are 8 divisions to climb through, beginning in bronze and finishing in the top 500, where your specific rank number is shown. Win games to increase your rating and move up through the divisions and get matched with people of a similar skill level to you to enjoy a close, competitive experience.

Esports Scene

There is also a growing esports scene in overwatch, with the recent beginning of the Overwatch League, featuring a division made up of sixteen of the best teams in the world where six teams qualify for the playoffs and the ultimate grand prize of becoming the season’s grand champion and winning the lions share of the $3.5 million prize pool.