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With MegaPixel Studio as the developer and Forever Entertainment as the publisher, the remade version of Panzer Dragoon caters to the modern gaming market perfectly. Panzer Dragoon is a single-player, on-the-rails action-adventure video game.

Fighting Dragons

The game takes you to a lone planet in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to combat two giant bio-mechanical dragons from the ancient times. Your mission is to prevent the beasts from reaching the tower and activating an ancient ruin. The player gets a powerful gun from a previous, fallen civilisation. With the help of an armoured blue dragon, the game pilots you through seven levels. Besides the Prototype Dragon, you also have to get through human-sized wasps, dragonflies and dangerous flying battleships. The player can attack enemies from all sides with homing lasers. Panzer Dragoon Remake includes enhanced graphics and improved 360-degree controls. Players also get lock-on targeting, which makes it easy to shoot at multiple enemies at once.

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