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Persona 5 Strikers, which is otherwise called P5S, and also famous as Persona 5 Scramble, is an action-based series of Persona 5. The game is part of the Omega Force, and Koei Tecmo formed “Warriors” or “Musou” sequence of games, which entails defeating a big crowd of enemies straight away. Persona 5 Strikers is the opening action RPG in the Persona sequence.

The game is the most recent sequel in the line Warriors franchise, usually known as the Musou sequence in Japan. They are famous for exaggerated action which pits ridiculously influential characters against the whole armies of horrific guys. Other renowned sequels include Hyrule Warriors as well as Fire Emblem Warriors.

Story and highlights

The Persona 5 Strikers typically feature a deep narrative campaign along with exciting fighting, which makes for a factual character experience. Go to six diverse cities across Japan, prepare enticing local recipes, and give a helping hand to persons in need. After that, battle against the Shadows to discover the basis of the corruption in the Metaverse prisons. Hop into the narrative regardless of whether you are a beginner in the series, or you are a longtime fan!

It is a third-person action-RPG game whereby your attack comes with hitboxes that are the extent of Texas as well as hordes of enemies. They are lined up like grass to be cut down in the flashy way possible. And if you are not familiar with it, destroying whole masses of Shadows and the ghost Thieves along with their Personas is very cool. You have accessibility to each person much from the beginning, and forming the correct party of four to oppose all areas of your enemies is great fun.

Take your position and fight with style

Attack the enemies in the cross battle method which fuse fiery action-combat with a pause-and-plan series to come to a decision on your next planned move. Get a benefit over your enemies through waylaying them, arresting their elemental weak points to blow them down, and seal the last blow with a maximum Attack!

Up to now, the Persona 5 Strikers appears much more similar to the right continuation of Persona 5. It has got every one of the attractions of the original game, having an all-new manner of playing. Many think that the musou-style fights would carry away from experience. However, they are fast, engaging, and look as if to fit correctly into this cruel RPG world.

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