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Pinstripe is an adventure video game in the puzzle genre. Atmos Games, Thomas Brush’s studio developed the game and Armor published it for Linux, macOS as well as Microsoft Windows.

Pinstripe’s Plot

The game follows a disgraced ex-minister called Teddy. He’s on a train with Bo, his three-year-old daughter. He meets Pinstripe on the train: Pinstripe kidnaps Bo. The train loses control and crashes into a certain town. Teddy goes off to find his daughter.Exploring the town, Teddy finds George (his dog), who advise him throughout the game, and the slingshot of Bo, acting as a weapon. Throughout the town, all the inhabitants are drunk off Pinstripe’s Sack Juice. Near the end of this game, clues that are collected by Teddy suggest that after his wife’s death, he started drinking. Soon after, he crashed his car, killing Bo and himself.  Also, he finds out that Pinstripe is the whisky’s name he drank. Admitting to his mistakes, Teddy faces off against Pinstripe. Pinstripe wants to adopt Teddy’s daughter and take her away from him. After Teddy defeated Pinstripe, he enters a dark room; George sacrifices himself so that Ted can pass. At the end of the game, Teddy is reunited with his daughter in a sunny field.

The options of dialogue earlier in the game determine if George will be reunited with Bo and Teddy. They meet a woman sitting on a bench, considered to be the mother of Bo: the game ends.

The Development and Release of Pinstripe

Thomas Brush was working on this game for four years; it was to be released in 2016 on iOS and steam. On 16 Feb 2016, a Kickstarter got launched to help in finishing the development of the game. Brush could quit his freelancer job with a goal of 28,000 dollars. The project reached its funding goal in just two days, raising 42,494 dollars. It ended on 17 March 2016 and raised 106,729 dollars. The funding stretch goals included an extra mode, voice acting and a bonus level. Brush created all aspects of Pinstripe himself, including the writing, programming, artwork and the original score. However, a few people lend their voices in the game for various characters.

The game was released on 25 Apr 2017, and it was localized into a total of seven different languages.