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PowerSlave Exhumed game is a first person shooter , video game, metroidvania and adventurous which was developed by Lobotomy software and published by playmates interactive in north america and BMG interactive in Europe and Japan.
This action video game can be found on platforms such as Nimtendo switch, play station 4 and sega saturn. it has various modes such as single player video games and multiplayer video games making it diverse and flexible to users.

Each game uses different controls ,most use keyboard arrows while some usually use the mouse. while playing ,game players follows a first person shooter formula. the familiar elements from the genre such as collecting keys in levels used to open the doors are present.
As the game continious the player picks a number of artifacts which increases his capability to jump higher,breath under water,walk swiftly in lava and walk through force fields and jump further to reach previously inaccessible areas.

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