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Predator Hunting Grounds is a multiplayer firearm game whereby the Predator hunts the trickiest prey. It is played as a member of the best Fireteam along with full paramilitary action before the Predator locates you. It is also played as the Predator to stalk the most valuable prey, selecting from your wide selection of unfamiliar fatal tech to accumulate your award. The mission of the Predator is clear: Hunting! Learn the fighters in the jungle and select the most excellent to slot in. send out your targets and gather awards to show as tokens of every hunt. Don’t allow your prey to escape; failing should not be an option.


It was developed by Illfonic, who closely worked with 20th Century Fox. It was then published for the PlayStation 4 and PC by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Positioned in the far-off jungles of the planet, it tasks a group of four best operators with finishing paramilitary actions before any Predator can locate and eradicate them. The Predator Hunting Grounds was released on 24 April 2020. The game was the first game in a decade.


The Players take on the position of the best operator with Fireteam Voodoo, which is a team of four-man doing counter-terrorist actions in far-off jungle locations. The Players may also take on the position of the particular Predator who is pursuing the group. As a member of the Fireteam, the players have the accessibility to a high-tech weapon store, from assault rifles to pistols, shotguns, heavy weapons, and grenades. In the meantime, The Predator player is capable of hunting its human prey with unfamiliar fatal tech, which includes the shoulder-mounted combistick, plasma caster, wrist blades smart disk, and many more.

The purposes for Fireteam Voodoo comprise counteracting computer-controlled opponent operators, disrupting their consignment, recovering vital VIP objectives from them, and other particular tasks. The maps of the game offer different strategic chances for Fireteam players. This is from working jointly as an organized unit to dividing their energy to achieve their objectives. When this factor in this game plays out, one player usually takes charge of the Predator and struggle to destroy every Special Force of the members of the team. If the human players kill the Predator, the whole action will be captured by OWLF, whereby they will be trained to shield the body against rivals until they can be taken out. In a Predator game, the players have the choice of playing the game as a female Yautja for the first time.

Field Lockers

This game incorporates a lootcrate method called a “Field Lockers” that are unlocked in gameplay, and they give different look and weapon modification alternatives for both the Predator and the Fireteam characters. The Field Lockers are informal and may have duplicated items, whereby the duplicated item will be changed to added XP. in addition to being an incentive for rising in level, Field Lockers may as well be bought, either by using “Veritanium,” which a type of in-game money that may be earned during gameplay or discovered hidden in the game map. The items might also be directly bought for Veritanium, even though several of the uncommon items may be extremely more costly than a sole Field Locker.

The Predator Hunting Grounds game is, at this time, being developed to only a multiplayer experience. This team largely took its motivation from 87 films for the game setting. In addition, as a result of closely operating with Fox, IllFonic has now been given a distinctive chance in that, and all that they will develop in this game will turn out to be a part of the official experience.

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