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Pumpkin Jack is an action-adventure, single-player video game developed by Nicolas Meyssonnier and published by Headup Games, Beep Japan. It is a dreadful game in which you lead Jack, the mythical Lord of the Pumpkin to an epic adventure into the boredom kingdom of the underworld to help the evil to fight the good.

Using strategy, reflexes, and choice weapons, you advance to unique levels by defeating evil beasts along your way. You unlock awesome weapons to fight and overcome breathtaking challenges. You also meet allies such as scary crows and haughty owls on the way. Since the game is intense, you have to master time and movement and to know when to dodge, which weapon to use, and when to strike Jack’s foes.

The object of the adventure is to find and defeat the powerful wizard commissioned by humans to eliminate the Eternal Night Curse unleashed by the Devil. In so doing, the monsters awakened by the curse will remain at large within the once peaceful kingdom to perpetuate the rule of Evil over Good.
The great adventure allows you to traverse dramatic settings, unveiling unique atmospheres in successive levels. You have to solve puzzles to enable the Jack to progress to the next level.

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