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About this game
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is a survival horror game by Capcom that delivers a different dimension of terror. This game builds on past Resident Evil games and ramps up the tension by incorporating a first-person, immersive view along with some photorealistic graphics. The developer has been able to attain a greater level of visual fidelity, courtesy the in-house RE engine equipped with VR-oriented tools. Not to mention, the industry-leading visual and audio technologies that provide details in close-up shots.


Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is still very much a Resident Evil outing wherein you would still have to shoot enemies and kill them, or they’ll keep wandering and kill you later on in the game. There is no heavy or stealth-focused gameplay, which is contrary to what the first-person setup could lead you to believe. This time, however, you cannot depend on load screen doors’ safety benefits to keep your enemies out. And this truly increases the tension, wherein low ammunition or health would leave you with no other option but to run.

Eerie Atmosphere

The atmosphere in the game is the most impactful and eerie of all Resident Evil games, and a lot of the credit for that must go to the Dulvey plantation. All the gruesome visuals, cannibalistic horrors and dilapidated old shacks lend this game less of a zombie film effect and more the impact of a hardcore thriller. The Baker household that’s pivotal to this game feels like a space that was truly occupied in the past and not just a large maze of hidden laboratories and traps.

Battling Enemies

The Baker family with its unpleasant personalities is a group of unstoppable tyrants and the first set of enemies you would encounter. The initial tussle with Jack Baker would leave you all over the place trying to defend yourself. Jack’s mansion patrolling feels like a genuine threat, even if you believe you are sufficiently armed. To survive, you would either have to flee or confront him unloading your handgun. However, the decision to use your handgun could cost you dear later on in the game.