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About this game

Coming to your gaming media in 2020 is a shooter video game dubbed Rogue Company. It is free to play, multiplayer 3rd person video game where participants have to fight for their survival by all means. First Watch Games conceptualises and created the game, while Hi-Rez published the game.

The game’s plot involves characters, herein referred to as Rogues, who have a daunting mission to compete for honours. Players have to go through multiple rounds where teams are given equal opportunities to fight it out. Each team has to jump from a moving aircraft, land safely, and complete obstacles to carry the day.

Game Flow

The game has features classified into modes, each with several matches. Matches are further divided into rounds, which form the basic measure of success. Behind the physical combat, there are calculations and estimations needed to either score a point or win a round. Two of the most important concepts in the game includes:-

  • Extraction – it comprises of task development, idea generation, reward, and recognition. Winners have to solve the problem posed and neutralises all opposing players.
  • Strike Out – it is an extension of extraction, which gives the gamer a second chance to re-plan. Re-planning is given during rounds and give the player ample time to regroup and fight.
  • Demolition – one of the opposing teams must plant a bomb in a given time frame to neutralise the opponent.

To sweeten the deal, there are on-road bonuses where you collect monies used to prolong your life. The money is used to upgrade weapons, protect themselves, and eliminate competition.


Lancer – a deadly killer who moves silently.
Anvil – has strategic tendencies, and moves unnoticed.
Dima – tactical, and good at enemy observation.
Chac – uses the Personal Stim Pack for defence
Trench – analytic and knows where to lay traps for the enemy.

Market Reception

In September 2019 during the Nintendo Direct show, the game creators announced its release. Epic Games Store would have exclusive rights to market and control its sales experience. As of 15th November 2019, the developers released the sneak peek of the game, touching on specifications and components. Its reception into the market was positive, with a successful listing onto Founder’s Pack for sale. The official sale date will be announced in the course of 2020.

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