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About this game

The Samurai Jack Battle Through Time is an action-adventure game developed by Soleil Ltd. The video game is based on Samurai Jack, American Animated television series. The game works as an alternative scenario that occurs amid the series finale in the final season.


As the player, you will control Jack, the protagonist in the actual series, and the main character. Jack battles Aku’s minions, rescues the villagers, and look for the time portal to bring him back to his own time to find Ashi.

The video game ends with a life-threatening battle between Jack (you) and his main nemesis, Aku. You will learn that these are the same names in the final episode of season 5.


The Samurai Jack Battle Through Time is a game worth giving a try. It is available on multiple platforms and comes with incredible features that will keep you anticipating more. Though it was thought to be a mediocre project, the game has turned out to be one of the best.