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About Skull and Bones Xbox One

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Skull and Bones is an upcoming video game that was developed by Ubisoft Singapore. They then published it for release on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One next year. The theme of the game is based on warfare and piracy.

About the Game

This will be first Ubisoft Singapore’s video game to be based on naval battles of the Assassin’s Creed IV. They will be allowing players to help in fine-tuning of the game’s live-service aspects. This is a tactical action contest that is set in an open world setting. It is also played from a third-person perspective. Players have the freedom to take the role of a customisable pirate captain. They can also take to the Indian Ocean and sail on a single-person campaign or collect at least five other players to either ally with or engage in combat in the Disputed Waters.

The game is set on the Golden Age of Pirates. As renegade captains, players command some of the most powerful weapons on the universe, warships. Acting as an upstart captain who goes against the King’s pardon, you get to sail from the Caribbean all the way to the Indian Ocean, which is a frontier of unending riches.

To gain an advantage in this battle, you have to assess the wind positioning. You will be required to collect more ships throughout the game. They include frigates, sloops of war and brigantines, which have weapons like broadside cannons, mortars and rockets. You can then charge into these ships with brute force and board them. The health bar gauges the rate of inflicted damage.

This game has a major component, which is the Loot Hunt with the multiplayer mode. It allows two groups of players to befriend each other in a treasure hunt, which helps them accumulate their wealth. Players also use the scalable ship’s crow’s nest as a lookout point. They also get access to spyglasses and Microtransactions are bound to be added to the game as a new feature.


• Since this is a tactical game, you have to defeat rivals in order to get the required experience. You can later use the experience to upgrade your ship.
• It will not be easy to conquer the ocean since you need to consider the wind direction and rival ships that are ready to charge into and board your vessel
• You have to compete to take control of your rivals’ ships in the entire game. The other pirates have heavier and better weapons.

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