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About Sniper Elite 4 PS4

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Sniper Elite 4 is a third-person tactical shooter video game, a sequel to Sniper Elite III, developed and published by Rebellion Developments.


Sniper Elite 4 allows smart and strategic players to make their own paths. This is a perfect way of discovering the unrivalled sniping freedom. This involves a third-person combat, epic long shots and a wide array of gameplay choice.  The game features an x-ray kill system that activates when the player makes a kill from a long distance. The game’s camera and graphics are top-notch. The cam follows the bullet all through from the rifle to the target, shows body parts and internal organs or bones ruptured by the bullet.  Sniper Elite 4’s artificial intelligence is enhanced with proactive enemy reaction to the player’s actions. For instance, once an enemy is killed, other members begin actively looking for the killer. Nonetheless, players are equipped with binoculars, which makes it easy for the player to identify enemy progression and the weapons they have.  Perhaps a sure way of winning is by exploring the “officers rank” where killing an officer earliest possible leads to the retreat of his army. Killing the officer at the end of the mission significantly increases the difficulty level. Players can use traps or try night missions where players remove extra light sources to hide their presence.

Expansive Campaign

Playing Sniper Elite 4 provides expansive hours of gameplay, with campaign levels of many enemies, high-ranking officers to hunt and other missions. Players ought to forge their paths to meet the objectives, uncover new sniper nests, find collectibles and much more.

Extensive Arsenal

Players get unlimited access to a wide array of iconic sniper rifles, submachine guns, heavy weapons, grenades, traps, and explosives.

Extensive Customisation

Like other mission games, players get to customise their skills,tweaking key weapons to suit their needs such as scope magnification, muzzle stability, and velocity.

Slick Traversals

Explore the wide traversals and takedowns as you climb, leap, hand and shimmy your way through Sniper Elite 4’s vast gameplay environment. Deliver killing blows from edges and behind covers.